Fail-proof Paint Color Ideas For Every Room In Your House

Start With A Statement-Making Front Door

What's the quickest, easiest makeover you can do? Paint your front door a bright, bold color.

Give Your Foyer A Sunny Upgrade

Entryways are all about first impressions. Set a happy tone with a bright and sunny shade, like this pale yellow.

Cool Down Your Kitchen

A pretty kitchen doesn't need to be white. Choose a color that is interesting, but still neutral enough that you don't get sick of it year after year.

Find The Right Shade Of White

If you're set on this traditional shade (some rooms just need it!), don't miss the subtleties of alabaster, cream, and everything in between.

Bring The Party To Your Dining Room

Even formal dining rooms can have a little fun. Every color of the rainbow is fair game. We love this goldenrod yellow.

Create A Living Room That Gives You Life

Bold and bright or light and airy, there's no wrong way to go in the living room. The vibrant blue hue is energizing, but a pale blue would be calming and serene.

Chill The Eff Out

With the right bedroom, even the most stressful days can melt away as you get ready for bed. A dusty blue, like this one, is perfect for that.

Create A Kids' Room That Grows Up With Them

Picking a swatch you both agree on is already a struggle, but finding a hue kids can grow into is even tougher. Make sure your choice is fun, but still stands the test of time. This sky blue is totally versatile.

Make Your Bathroom A Zen Place To Zone Out

Whether you want a brighter start to the day or an at-home spa, there's a shade for you. We're obsessed with this sage green.

Choose This Hue To Cozy Up Odd Corners

White isn't the only option for a small space. Darker shades can play up the size and make it feel cozier.

Find Your Perfect Shade Of Blue

We're not shy about the fact that we love blue. It can work in literally any room, so go wild.

How To Go Wild With Gray (You Can, You Really Can)

Decorating with gray doesn't have to be boring. These slates, charcoals, and greiges prove even neutrals can be exciting.

Here's How To Make Purple Werk — Anywhere

Whether you love it or hate it, purple is here to stay. Play around with shades, from lilac to aubergine.

Make Everyone Green With Envy

Verdant and fresh, there's a reason green works in every room. Pick between lime, pea, and clover for a nature-inspired space.

Be On-Trend Without Skewing Too Trendy

Whether you prefer millennial pink or millennial lilac (yeah, it's actually a thing), your walls will be totally Insta-worthy.

You Can't Go Wrong With These Classic Combos

A crisp, matte white is totally timeless.

If You're Ready To Make A Bold Decision, Try These Shades

Too outrageous? No such thing. These colors are the easy way to create a jaw-dropping room.

Rethink Your Stance On Blue And White

Blue and white is the peanut butter and jelly of color combos. But that doesn't mean it has to skew French country.

Learn Color Psychology, So You Know What Works For You

Color psychology is the thing. The right soothing hue can work wonders for your mind and soul. You might think that only works for pale blues, but the contrast of a light and dark color — or, in this case, off-white walls with chocolate brown and deep blue accents — has a powerful effect. "The darker color grounds the room, and then the lighter runs right up to the ceiling and makes it feel higher. It creates this serene atmosphere.

Proof Neutrals Don't Have To Be Boring

Avoid ho-hum neutrals. These go-to basics feature a few surprises, like a smoky lavender, moss green and chocolate brown.

With hundreds of options to choose from, we've got a few ways to take the plunge without second thoughts. Share and Like us. Join us to learn more.

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